Last night on ABC – “I Love You Too”

Ugly Betty

What a night. I thought I would group the ABC shows together and talk about them, that includes, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, and Big Shots. Last night was a big roller coaster and I am just getting over the excitement. Some of the thoughts below might contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episodes yet, I would suggest you hold off on reading this until after you have watched them.

UGLY BETTY “How Betty Got Her Grieve Back” – Damn you Ugly Betty for giving me hope that Santos was alive. I was jumping up and down when I saw him in the opening scene only to come crushing down with the reveal at the end that he was really dead. I had tears in my eyes, poor Hilda.
It was such a great episode and it reminded me why I love Ugly Betty so much. Here are some other thoughts:

  • “Las Pasiones de Betty” telenovela, brilliant. I had already seen it before the episode aired, but it was still brilliant and hilarious when I watched it again. If you want to watch that part again, click here.
  • Amanda getting fat and Wilhelmina calling her Betty. Pretty funny, although not as funny as how fake that fat suit looks.
  • The whole Amanda’s parents’ “special friends” story. How outrageous was that?!! I loved it. Did not see it coming and did not expect it from Ugly Betty.
  • Marc dressing up as Wilhemina to go meet Claire Meade… my eyes, my eyes, they’re burning…
  • Henry returning at the end. I wonder how Betty is going to react…
  • Grey's Anatomy

    GREY’S ANATOMY “A Change Is Gonna Come” – Yesterday I said that I wasn’t that excited about Grey’s Anatomy coming back. It has all changed now after watching last night’s season premiere. I need to start with the biggest and most exciting thing that happened, George said “I love you too” to Izzie!! Yes!! I had been waiting for that. I know that a lot of people don’t want Izzie and George together, but I do. I have been waiting for George to say something to Izzie since last season. Cannot wait for next week’s episode, from the preview, it looks like George is thinking of telling Callie about his feelings for Izzie.

  • In other news, I am so over the whole Derek and Meredith story. I don’t even care at this point if they stay together or not. But from what I hear, they are over.
  • What did I think of the new interns? Well, first of all I only remember one, Lexie. So far I don’t mind her. To be honest, all of them didn’t make a big impression on me yet.
  • The fact that Dr. Burke is gone didn’t affect me that much. I did think that Cristina should have been more affected by the fact that he left. I mean, she was going to marry the guy.
  • Fun little fact I noticed, the father of the boy who asks Izzie to save the deer Bambi is none other than Mark Pellegrino who plays Paul in Dexter. The reason I noticed is because I have been catching on the first season of Dexter, but more on that later.
  • That’s all I got for Grey’s Anatomy. Did you like the season premiere?

    Big Shots

    BIG SHOTS “Pilot” – I wasn’t expecting much from this show and turns out I was right. One of the ways I know if a show is good, is that it grabs my attention, meaning that I stop everything I’m doing just because I’m so into it. The opposite happened with Big Shots. I began to watch and then I started doing other things around the house, browsing the internet, etc. I think the problem I had with Big Shots is that I did not relate to any of the characters and to be honest I didn’t like any of them, not even Michael Vartan’s character, and that’s saying something. That means no more Big Shots for me. What did you think of Big Shots? Will you keep watching?

    That’s all I have for the ABC shows. I wish I wrote some of the reviews as I watch the episodes because I am sure I forgot to mention tons of stuff. If you have any more thoughts on the subject, feel free to share.