On Tonight, Friday 9/28: MOONLIGHT, GHOST WHISPERER, and more…

Wow, this has been a crazy week. Thank God we’re getting one day break before the craziness starts all over again on Sunday.

Daemon's TV Choice

Ghost Whisperer

GHOST WHISPERER “The Underneath” – 8pm CBS
Yes, it’s true, I watch Ghost Whisperer and I’m not ashamed to say it. It’s not my favorite show, but I do enjoy it on Friday nights. It’s very relaxing and even though the storylines can get cheesy, it has some good moments.

Dog Whisperer

DOG WHISPERER – 8pm National Geographic
Cesar Millan is on tonight and helping dog owners “fix” their dogs. I keep saying it, this guy is amazing. Some of these dogs I wouldn’t even approach, but he can help all of them.


MOONLIGHT “No Such Thing As Vampires” – 9pm CBS
Oh Yes!!! Finally the wait is over! Tonight my most anticipated show, for which I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the pilot yet, starts. Even though, I am pretty confident in my intuition about the show and I’m 99% sure I’m going to love it, I cannot speak for everyone else until I have actually seen it. Don’t forget to read all my coverage of Moonlight which includes lots of videos and photos.
Story: Mick St. John is a captivating, charming- and immortal- private investigator from Los Angeles who defies the traditional blood-sucking norms of his vampire tendencies by using his wit and powerful supernatural abilities to help the living. In a life-altering twist of fate, Mick was “bitten” 60 years ago by his new bride, the seductive Coraline. Forever 30 years of age, Mick’s as handsome and charismatic as the day he was “turned,” and he eschews others of his kind who view humans only as a source of nourishment. With only a handful of like-minded confidantes for company, including the eternally young, wealthy and mischievous Josef, a hedge fund trader who relishes his uniqueness, Mick fills his infinite days protecting the living. But one night years ago, a single act of kindness changed Mick when he saved a young girl’s life, making him want to be a better vampire. Now their paths cross again and Mick develops a distinctive bond with Beth Turner who has grown into a beautiful, ambitious Internet investigative reporter. Reconnecting with her unleashes feelings Mick knows he can’t pursue without exposing the part of him that would make him a monster in Beth’s eyes. As Mick lives between two realities, fighting his adversaries among the undead and falling in love, he discovers the mysteries and pleasures that a valuable life has to offer.

Stargate Atlantis

STARGATE ATLANTIS “Adrift” – 10pm Sci-Fi
I put this as a Daemon’s Choice even though I don’t watch it because I have seen a few episodes and I really think that the reason I am not watching the show is because I didn’t watch it from the start. It’s on my list of TV on DVD to rent. Still, I’m sure lots of people out there watch the show (like my friend Eric whom you might know from our podcast) and are very excited it’s coming back tonight.

The Soup

THE SOUP – 10pm E!
Joel McHale has a way of putting the highlights from the week that always makes me laugh. He finds something to make fun of in everything.


LAS VEGAS “A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But A Sandwich, Shrink Rap” – 9pm NBC
I used to watch the show and really liked the first season, but then it became so cheesy, I couldn’t take it anymore (and yes I know it’s ironic that I’m saying that since I watch Ghost Whisperer). I don’t know, it just lost its appeal to me.

NUMB3RS “Trust Metric” – 10pm CBS
I do enjoy Numb3rs once in a while, but again it’s the same story as for CSI, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, etc. Actually, you know what the the funny thing when you keep watching these shows all the time? You start figuring out who the guilty person is halfway through the episode.

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