Libby back on LOST

Cynthia Watros

I’ve known about this for a while and I apologize for only writing about it now. Michael Ausiello broke the news that LOST was bringing Cynthia Watros’ character, Libby, back. Before you say “but Libby is dead” let me reassure you, she won’t be back on the island but her character will appear in flashbacks.

“She’ll be in enough of the show for us to fill in the missing pieces of her story,” says Cuse. “We could not be more pleased. Cynthia is a smart and engaging actor, and [executive producer] Damon [Lindelof] and I have some very cool parts of her story left to tell.”

I for one couldn’t be happier, I have always been frustrated by the fact that the Libby/Hurley in the same mental institution story was never resolved. I even recently mentioned it to a friend when we were talking about Lost. I was already going to tune in to Lost when it came back (I mean who wouldn’t after the cliffhanger they left us with last season?!) but this is an extra reason to be excited.