HEROES is back! “Four Months Later”

Heroes - Season 2

HEROES is back and kicking ass once again. I am so happy I could cry. Tonight’s new episode of Heroes was as good as I expected it to be. And once again I hate them for leaving us on such a crazy cliffhanger. Damn you creators, producers, and writers of Heroes for being so good!

Some quick random thoughts:

  • Four Months Later is quite correct, that’s how long we had to wait. The first season finale aired Monday May 21st.
  • It’s good to have HRG back to his old self, keeping secrets from his family and stuff. You know Claire will find out eventually.
  • The Bennett family dinner was one of the funniest scenes ever on Heroes, I almost felt like I was watching a comedy at that point. Hilarious!
  • How much did I love the limited commercials?! Thank you Nissan. Even though I had it on my DVR, it’s always nice when you don’t have to forward every 15 minutes.
  • Heroes - Season 2

  • So far totally liking the new characters, Maya, Alejandro, West, and Takezo Kensei.
  • Who else was excited to see David Anders on tonight’s episode?!
  • Claire’s new potential boyfriend, West, can fly. Does it remind you of anyone? By the way, I already knew that he could fly, which leads me to why I am trying not read anything about Heroes anymore. I just love being surprised as I watch the episodes. I wish I hadn’t known about his power.
  • Who wishes Kristen Bell was already in the first episode? I do, I do, I do…
  • Shocker ending even though we knew Peter was still alive. What happened to him? That’s what I want to know.
  • Heroes - Season 2

    Did I mention that Heroes is one of my all times favorite shows? Is it Monday already?

    (Photos: Courtesy of NBC)