SIDE ORDER OF LIFE – Want to find out who cell phone man is?

If you have been following SIDE ORDER OF LIFE as I have been, you are probably as obsessed as me to find out who cell phone man is.

The good news is I actually was able to get two pictures of the mysterious cell phone man, and if you cannot wait for tonight keep on reading.

Picture of cell phone man after the jump.

Update: Turns out Ian Ziering wasn’t Cell Phone Man after all. Click here to find out who the real cell phone man is and get a review of the season finale of Side Order of Life.

Can you believe this? Ian Ziering is Brian, or as we better know him, cell phone man, on tonight’s episode of Side Order of Life. Is anybody getting flashbacks of Steve Sanders on Beverly Hills 90210?

Tonight will probably be one of the most exciting episodes of Side Order of Life. Oh yeah, and I still wish Ian and Jenny would get back together, and I still hate Becca (for the record I don’t hate the actress who portrays Becca, Ashley Williams, just the character…)

Side Order of Life

Side Order of Life

(Photos: Michael Roberts / Lifetime Networks, 2007)