HEROES – Meet David Anders’ character

The Yamagato Fellowship

Are you excited to see David Anders on HEROES as the new character Takezo Kensei? You might not have to wait until Monday to find out more about his character.

NBC has set up a whole website about the Yamagato Fellowship (www.yamagatofellowship.org) founded by none other than Kaito Nakamura (Hiro’s father).

There you will find 5 chapters of a video documentary about Takezo Kensei. The final chapter will be released on Monday with the premiere of Heroes. Now here is the best part, the documentary was written by Heroes‘ writing staff and is narrated by Jonathan Rhys-Davis (Lord Of The Rings anyone?).

Click here to view the “Takeo Kensei:Sword Saint” documentary.

Remember that Heroes is back on September 24th at 9pm on NBC.