Kitchen Nightmares

I just finished watching KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, and let me start by mentioning that I am the biggest fan of its original British version Rasmay’s Kitchen Nightmares, but I will NOT be tuning in for the American version again.

The show is so staged, I just could not stomach it. They tried to transform the original show and make it more entertaining (or what they think is entertaining.) I would not recommend watching this version after seeing the first episode. If you want to see some real restaurant transformation then tune in to BBC America and watch the British version, Rasmay’s Kitchen Nightmares, it doesn’t even compare.

In addition, because the show was so disappointing, it’s being downgraded on the Death Watch from Immortal to Touch & Go. My main reason for putting it as an Immortal show was because I thought it would be like the British version. Obviously, I was wrong.

(Photo: Courtesy of FOX)