THE 4400 – “The Great Leap Forward,” what a finale…

The 4400

Welcome to PROMISE CITY B*tch!

THE 4400 finale, “The Great Leap Forward,” goes out with a bang (not literally…)

Wow, I am speechless and had to watch the episode twice it was so good. The 4400 has some of the best writers out there. Not only does this show rocks, but it gets better and better.

We finally found out what Ira Behr (executive producer) meant when he said that by the end of the season it wouldn’t matter if you wanted to take promicin or not. By the way, Ira Behr makes a cameo appearance towards the end of the episode. When Jordan makes his final speech to the crowd, look for a man on the right with a blue beard, that’s him.

Seriously, I did not see that ending coming. Ever since Comic Con, I was trying to think of ways they were going to make everyone take promicin, but I never expected that they would us Danny as a vessel, genius!

I am sad that Isabelle is dead, or is she? I still have hope.

The episode also brought us some powerful scenes, like Isabelle trying to kill Kyle, but not able to, and Shawn having to kill his brother to stop him from suffering. I feel there isn’t enough praise for The 4400 actors. They have some powerful moments and always bring everything they have to the screen.

I think that one of the smartest thing they did this season, is to give the NTAC people abilities. How can they justify their hunt of people with abilities and the 4400 now that they too have abilities?

How cool are these abilities? Meghan Doyle apparently can grow or transform things, Jed Garrity can duplicate himself, and Marco Pacella can transport himself to different places. I cannot wait to see how these affect them. I wish Diana also had an ability. And what will Tom’s ability be?

If I had to choose I think I would side with The 4400, I just hope that I would survive the promicin shot…

What a great season!