On Tonight, Wednesday 9/19: GOSSIP GIRL, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, and more…

Since there are so many shows starting tonight, I am going to separate them in two categories, Daemon’s Choice (or the shows we watch) and The Rest.

Daemon's Choice

America's Next Top Model

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “The Girls Go Cruisin'” – 8pm the CW
My beautiful guilty pleasure. I don’t know why I just enjoy watching these girls compete. They are so entertaining. The first couple of weeks are slow but when it’s makeover day, I love it! Don’t forget to meet he new girls on America’s Next Top Model before tonight.

Kitchen Nightmares

Chef Ramsay is coming to America and helping restaurants in trouble. I already love the British version, as you might know if you have been reading, I watch it every week. I do think that there will be more conflicts and screaming in this version. More information on Kitchen Nightmares here.

Gossip Girl

GOSSIP GIRL “Pilot” – 9pm the CW
After watching the free pilot made available by iTunes (that they apparently took down), I am going to be watching Gossip Girl. It didn’t earn a season pass yet but I will give it a few episodes to totally win me over. More Gossip Girl coverage here.

Last Comic Standing

To be honest, I haven’t cared about this show in the last few weeks. The only reason I will be tuning in tonight (and fast-forwarding through 90% of the show) is to find out who the winner is. After watching it every week, I sort of feel the need to find out who wins.


Back To You

BACK TO YOU “Pilot” – 8pm FOX
I haven’t been excited by the previews at all so I am not going to tune in. Plus it doesn’t look like my type of show at all.

Kid Nation

KID NATION “I’m Tryng To Be A Leader Here” – 8pm CBS
At first I thought it was an interesting idea, but then got over it. I just don’t care enough to tune in and don’t have time to spend on shows I am not that excited about. Plus reality shows always come second on my schedule.

'Til Death

‘TIL DEATH “Performance Anxiety” – 8:30pm FOX
I watched a few episodes last season, it’s just not my thing. It’s nice to watch when there is nothing else on, but not good enough to have a spot on my precious DVR.

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