Fall 2007: Daemon’s TV Top 5 and Bottom 5 new TV Shows

There are so many new TV shows starting this Fall 2007, but it’s not always easy to choose what to watch. Here on Daemon’s TV, we have given you the Death Watch (which gives you our prediction about which TV shows are going to make it or get cancelled), and a Fall 2007 TV Guide (which gives information on this Fall 2007 TV season, including a description of each new TV shows, premiere dates, and daily tv schedules). What we haven’t told you is which shows we are the most excited about and which shows we are the least excited about (not including reality shows).

Here they are in no specific order:

TOP 5 new TV Shows:

Pushing DaisiesWednesdays at 8pm on ABC

JourneymanMondays at 10pm on NBC

MoonlightFridays at 9pm on CBS

LifeWednesdays at 10pm on NBC

Bionic WomanWednesdays at 9pm on NBC

BOTTOM 5 new TV Shows:

The Big Bang TheoryMondays at 8:30pm on CBS

Back To YouWednesdays at 8pm on FOX

Life Is WildSundays at 8pm on the CW

Big ShotsThursdays at 10pm on ABC

Cashmere MafiaTuesdays at 9pm on ABC