PRISON BREAK is back! Get your “Orientación”

Prison Break - Season 3

PRISON BREAK is back and let me tell you, they are on their way to recapture the beauty of season one.

The first episode of the third season, “Orientación,” definitely made a big impression. Michael Scofield is in Sona, which is probably one of the scariest place to be. Of course, Michael doesn’t let anyone see how he really feels inside, which is the quality I like the best about the character.

I just love the new twist at the end of the episode which give Michael a new reason to break out of prison: Sara and LJ are prisoners and will be killed if Michael doesn’t break James Whistler (played by Chris Vance), whom we haven’t seen yet, out of prison.

The scariest person in Sona is probably Lechero. Man, I would not want to cross path with him. Robert Wisdom is doing an amazing job with that part. He nailed it right from the start.

And Mahone, you gotta love the guy (or maybe it’s just me who has a soft spot for William Fichtner) especially now that he saved Michael’s life. By the way, I don’t buy the fact that Michael didn’t want to kill that guy just because it’s “not right.” Are you kidding me?! If you are in that prison, Sona, you better believe you would kill that guy in a second. Michael seemed a little weak at that point to me and not really faithful to his character. But I guess it’s the “right” thing to show on TV. That’s probably why I liked Mahone in the episode, he is more credible. He went in and just killed that guy. You know I would…

All and all, I am just so happy that Prison Break is back, and it feels all warm in my heart (ok that was weird…). Next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be another great episode.

We’ll have more pictures soon for you. Until then, check out our coverage on Prison Break and the photo gallery of Prison Break.

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