On Tonight, Tuesday 9/18: EUREKA, DAMAGES, and more…

Daemon's Choice


EUREKA “Maneater” – 9pm Sci-Fi
Oh beautiful Eureka! You know I’ve been thinking that it must be fun to live in Eureka, if it existed I might be tempted to live there. Although, all the dangerous situations might be an issue for me. Then again, if Sheriff Carter is there to protect us, that might be ok.


DAMAGES “Blame the Victim” – 10pm FX
I am about 3 episodes behind. I always start the day by thinking that I am going to catch up and then things happen, and then it’s too late. Right now I’m thinking today should be a good day to watch at least one episode. I do enjoy Damages, but I sometimes have other priorities…

LA Ink

LA INK “Pixie’s Surgery” – 10pm TLC
So far I really enjoy LA Ink. Kat is funny and talented. I especially liked last week’s episode when Kat got a tattoo of Pixie on her body but was so secretive that Pixie actually thought she was going to get fired. That was so sad but so cute at the same time. Poor Pixie! LA Ink is always a fun show to watch.