New HEROES Trailer, you need to watch!

Holy Crap! Beautiful MySpaceTV just released this brand new (yes I said NEW) trailer of HEROES! And can I say September 24th needs to hurry up because I cannot wait another minute to see the new season of Heroes.

This is the best preview I have seen so far of Heroes. We get a look at some new characters and of course our favorite Heroes. And let me tell you, SYLAR IS BACK!!! Nathan and Peter also seem well and alive, not too big of a surprise, but I think that D.L. might be dead after all, no signs of him in the trailer.

I just remembered how excited I used to get every Mondays just at the idea of watching Heroes! And that feeling is back. Cannot wait for next Monday… in the meantime check out this awesome trailer of season 2 of Heroes.

Heroes starts on September 24th at 9pm on NBC. Is your DVR ready?

Check out Heroes MySpaceTV Page.