Watch GOSSIP GIRL pilot for free

Gossip Girl

Are you a CW fanatic? You might want to check out the GOSSIP GIRL pilot for free. No joke, iTunes has made available the pilot of Gossip Girl for free here on Gossip Girl - Gossip Girl, Season 1 - Pilot.

I haven’t seen the pilot yet, but am downloading it as we speak. Personally, I think I’m either going to love it or hate it. There was a time, when I was younger, this type of show was a guaranteed hit with me, but I guess I sort of outgrew that phase, now I demand more than pretty people to like a show.

Update 5: Check out this post on how to Watch Gossip Girl episodes online.

Update 4: Check out this post on how to find free TV episodes online.

Update 3: The CW is not offering the pilot anymore, but offers other episodes from the season of Gossip Girl. I think they are taking them down as more episodes air, replacing the old ones with new ones. So hurry up and catch the episodes online before it’s too late, on the CW’s website.

Update 2: You can now watch the full pilot here on the CW website.

Update: Looks like iTunes has taken the episode down. Good thing I downloaded it right away. You can however catch 10 minutes of Gossip Girl on Yahoo TV.

More information on Gossip Girl and its Death Watch status.

Thanks to The TV Addict for the tip