The DEATH WATCH begins: NASHVILLE’s clock is ticking…


NASHVILLE is the first TV show to premiere this Fall, and since it’s a new show, it also means that its Death Watch clock has been activated.

Head over to our Death Watch page and check out Nashville‘s clock (under FOX). The clock will be going up from the moment the show first airs to the time it gets pulled off the air (if it gets pulled off). That way we can measure how long each new show survives.

If a show gets pulled off the air or gets cancelled, the clock will be replaced by the amount of time the show was “alive” and the show will be added to the Graveyard.

Head over to our DEATH WATCH page.

We will be adding some polls soon so you can share your thoughts on which shows you think will be leaving us soon.

The next show to get its clock activated is K-Ville, which premieres on Monday at 9pm on FOX. So stay tuned!