On Tonight, Friday 9/14: NASHVILLE, PSYCH, and more…

Daemon's TV Choice

Dog Whisperer

DOG WHISPERER “Cotton, Ricky & Jordan, and Duke & Lila” – 8PM National Geographic
One of my favorite people is back tonight. Cesar Millan can cure (not physically of course) any dog you throw at him. I think he is incredible and if you haven’t seen him in action yet, you should. He just has this special touch with dogs, it’s amazing.


NASHVILLE “Welcome to Nashville” – 9PM FOX
First new TV show to premiere tonight this Fall 2007. Even though I have set my DVR to record the first episode I don’t have high hopes for the show. Chances are I am not going to tune in again. However, the premiere of Nashville also means that the Death Watch counter will be starting tonight as well! I’ll write more about it later today.


MONK “Mr. Monk Is Up All Night” – 9PM USA
Season Finale of Monk tonight. No more Mr. Monk until next year 🙁 . What next/last adventure will Monk get this season? I hope they don’t end on a cliffhanger. I already have a hard time keeping track of season finales in general, but if every show starts having them, then I will be totally lost.


PSYCH “Bounty Hunters” – 10PM USA
Season Finale tonight of Psych. You mean no more Shawn and Gus? Who is going to make me laugh like they do now? I hate when things end. It’s a good thing the Fall season is here, that way I won’t have time to cry too long. :((