My SUPERNATURAL “quest” begins…


I finally received the first DVD of season one from SUPERNATURAL, and am watching the pilot right now. I had already seen a few episodes from season one, but it’s been a while so I thought I would start from the beginning.

So far I enjoy it, I sort of knew I would, I think I just didn’t have time to follow the show when it first came out. I am definitely going to be watching the full two seasons and hopefully be catching up on Season 3 soon.

Can I say how freaky Supernatural can be, I better not watch it at night or I won’t be able to sleep, I’m such a wuss.

I noticed a few fun facts from the pilot.

Fun Facts:

  • Jensen Ackles’ character’s name is Dean, which was Jared Padalecki’s (Sam) character’s name in Gilmore Girls.
  • Dean searches the Jericho Herald (just a funny coincidence).
  • Sam’s girlfriend is Adrianne Palicki, who we now better know as Tyra on Friday Night Lights.
  • You can get Supernatural Season 2 on Supernatural