On Tonight, Monday 9/10: GREEK, MY BOYS, and more…

Daemon's Choice


GREEK “Black & White And Read All Over” – 9pm ABC Family
Oh no, it’s the season finale tonight, you mean I’m going to have to wait a whole year to see the next adventures of Rusty, Cappie, Evan, and Cassie?! I love this show, I didn’t not expect to like it that much when I first heard about it, but turns out… It’s good to know that Greek was picked up for a second season, at least now I can look forward to season 2!

The Closer

THE CLOSER “Till Death Do Us Part Two” – 9pm TNT
Tonight is the Season Finale. I haven’t watched The Closer the last few weeks, but you know I’m watching it tonight, because 1) it’s the season finale 2) what else am I going to watch? Plus, we all know how much I love Kyra Sedgwick.

My Boys

MY BOYS “110 Percent Solution” & “Rome, If You Want To” – 10pm & 10:30pm TBS
Season Finale tonight, and I will be tuning in, mostly because I have nothing else to watch and I could use a fun show.