MOONLIGHT – Photos from first episode

Moonlight - Episode One
Greg Gayne ©2007 Warner Bros. Television. All Rights Reserved

The beautiful picture above is from the first episode of MOONLIGHT entitled “No Such Thing As Vampires”.

Lately, I have been looking forward to this show so much. I don’t know why sometimes I get obsessed with shows (even before I watch an episode), but Moonlight is definitely it right now.

I think for me it’s probably because it has the most actors I love and want to watch. Oh and the vampire thing doesn’t hurt. Who doesn’t love TV shows (or movies for the matter) with vampires?! I hope, hope, hope the show is good and makes it to a full season.

By the way, unless the pilot turns out to be horrible, Moonlight is on my Fall 2007 TV shows list and got itself a season pass already. Usually, I have good feelings about which shows I’m going to like. I had sort of the same feeling for Journeyman before I watched the pilot and we all know how that turned out (click here to read my review of Journeyman).

Now, after seeing some pictures from the first episode (by the way how beautiful is the picture above?!), which you can find after the jump, I cannot wait for Moonlight to start, so I can finally say “I was right, this show rocks!” (or I might be wrong, but that’s not likely to happen…)

Moonlight premieres on September 28th at 9pm on CBS.

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More photos after the jump.

Moonlight - Episode One Moonlight - Episode One

Moonlight - Episode One Moonlight - Episode One

Moonlight - Episode One Moonlight - Episode One Moonlight - Episode One

(Photos: Courtesy of CBS)