On Tonight, Sunday 7/9: TELL ME YOU LOVE ME, THE 4400, and more…

Daemon's Choice

Side Order Of Life

SIDE ORDER OF LIFE “When Pigs Fly” – 8pm Lifetime
Every week, I love this show more and more. It feels like Lifetime created this show just for me and my romantic side. Oh and when is Jenny finally going to meet Mister Wrong Number? Are they going to make us wait another season?

The 4400

THE 4400 “Tiny Machines” – 9pm USA
The 4400 is one of my favorite TV shows this summer, and every season it gets better and better. I cannot wait to see how this season will end, but at the same time I’m sad we’ll have to wait another year to watch next season.

Tell Me You Love Me

A new show from HBO, I’m in. I haven’t heard much about the show, but I have seen some previews a while ago and ever since then I have been wanting to watch it. Plus since it’s HBO, you know it will be a quality show.


DAMAGES “She Spat At Me” – 10pm FX
I have been following Damages. It took me a while to watch the first episode, but I finally did and sort of liked it. It’s not my favorite this summer, but nice enough for me to keep watching. I have to give it up to the actors though, they all do a great job and I think it’s one of the reason I have been watching Damages.