JOURNEYMAN – Early screening and review


Since NBC decided to offer three of its new shows (Chuck, Life, Journeyman) on Blockbuster, I decided to take this opportunity to check them out early.

The first pilot I decided to check out was JOURNEYMAN. I sort of had a special place for Journeyman in my heart because it sounded like Quantum Leap (and we all know how much I loved Quantum Leap). As I was pressing play on my DVD player, I was really hoping that Journeyman was going to be as good as I had hoped for.

Let me tell you, Journeyman is everything I was hoping it would be and more. From the smart writing to the wonderful performances, Journeyman has everything it needs to make it this Fall. Kevin McKidd, who portrays the main character Dan Vasser, has such a presence and vulnerability to him, it’s a pleasure to watch him. I can’t wait to tune in week after week and see what new adventures he gets into.

I was afraid that there would be holes in the storyline, but turns out they tied it up pretty well. I especially loved a moment at the very end of the pilot [SPOILER ALERT] when Dan finds a way to prove to his wife he is not crazy by leaving a toolbox under the patio of their house with her wedding ring inside, that was probably the smartest writing in a while. It was smart, believable, made sense, and didn’t leave any questions open. [END OF SPOILER]

The verdictJourneyman has officially made my Fall 2007 TV shows list. I love it. I definitely recommend it. Out of all the new TV shows I have seen so far, this is one of my favorite. NBC really brought it this Fall.

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Plot: A romantic mystery-drama about San Francisco newspaper reporter and family man, Dan Vasser, who inexplicably begins to travel through time and change the course of people’s lives. Along the way, he must also deal with the difficulties and stress at work and home brought on by his sudden disappearances.

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