THE OFFICE is back! Season 4 Promo

If September 27th seems too far away for the return of THE OFFICE, check out this new promo for Season 4.

Could I be more excited! There are some revelations in the promo, so if you are a spoiler-freak, you might not want to watch it.

I just love Ryan’s new look and attitude, but I’m thinking he hasn’t seen the last of the Scranton office.

Jim & Pam – We don’t exactly know what is going on between them, but some hints are given away, namely Jim dumping Karen in New York and Pam letting her hair down because of Jim. I cannot wait to see these two together.

Dwight is his good old self again.

Kelly is a little bitter about Ryan dumping her, could there be a revenge plan in action?

When is The Office starting again?!!!!

Big Thanks to Give Me My Remote for the tip!