Fall 2007 TV Preview: VIVA LAUGHLIN on CBS

Viva Laughlin

Viva LaughlinStarts October 18th on CBS at 10pm

Plot: A mystery drama with music about eternal optimist and freewheeling businessman Ripley Holden, whose sole ambition is to run a casino in Laughlin, Nev. Occasionally using upbeat contemporary songs to accentuate the drama and humor and advance the story, the series is based on the hit BBC show “Viva Blackpool.” Ripley is the ultimate gambler with an infectious personality who is on the brink of making a killing… just as soon as he opens his casino that’s nowhere near completion. When his financing suddenly falls through, the fearless and tenacious Ripley approaches his enemy – dashing, sarcastic, wealthy casino owner Nicky Fontana, and his lieutenant Marcus, for help.

Daemon’s TV Review: I have to admit, I am curious about watching the pilot. I love musicals so it’s a good start, but unfortunately I don’t think this show will last so I am reluctant to get emotionally involved. I’ll make my final decision after seeing the pilot.

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