Fall 2007 TV Preview: LIFE IS WILD on CW

Life is Wild

Life Is WildStarts October 7th on CW at 8pm

Plot: Katie Clarke may never forgive her veterinarian father, Danny, for dragging their entire blended family out of New York City to spend a year living in a broken-down lodge called The Blue Antelope in a game reserve deep inside South Africa. Everyone in the family is sure Danny has lost his mind. But Danny’s reasons go beyond his desire to keep his troubled family together while making a difference in the lives of the people and animals of South Africa: his deceased first wife Claire grew up at The Blue Antelope and it’s still home to her reclusive father Art.

Daemon’s TV Review: To be honest, I don’t want to watch Life Is Wild. After seeing a few clips it seemed like they were trying to create a new Everwood, but with a 7th Heaven twist. They are not succeeding in bringing the Everwood magic and I could not stand 7th Heaven, so I think I’ll pass on Life Is Wild.

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