ARMY WIVES Finale and Midnight Hour

Army Wives

Holy crap, ARMY WIVES finale was crazy. I hate them so much for doing this to me. How could they end it like that? It’s such a good show and I am totally hooked now. How will I wait until next summer to find out what happens? You guys really need to rent the season when it comes out if you haven’t watched Army Wives yet.

In addition to a great season finale episode, one of my favorite song of the moment was playing towards the end when all the soldiers get on the plane. It’s a song called “Running Away” from Midnight Hour that you might have heard on Ghost Whisperer as well. I absolutely love it and could listen to it all day. So far they haven’t released the song, but I hope they do soon because I need to listen to it in my car.

You can listen to “Running Away” from Midnight Hour below. Hope you enjoy it.