Kristen Bell talks about being cast on HEROES

Kristen Bell

After the big announcement that Kristen Bell would be on HEROES, I never got the chance to expand a little bit on this. First of all, this is the best news ever and it makes me even more excited to watch the new season of Heroes.

The character that Kristen Bell will play on Heroes is “Elle,” a sexy, intriguing, mysterious young lady who has ties to Peter’s apparent death, H.R.G.’s past, and Claire’s future. When fans first meet Elle in October, she will commit a terrible crime, but as always with Heroes, it will be unclear whose side she is really on.

In a way, I’d like to see evil Kristen, I think she would be an awesome villain. I think the best thing would be if it was ambiguous, where she’s not all good or not all bad, it would add so much to the character and her performance. Cannot wait to see where the writers go with her character.

Michael Ausiello got the chance to speak with Kristen Bell about her new power character. Check out the interview.