On Tonight, Friday 8/17: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2, and more…

Daemon's TV Choice

High School Musical 2

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 – 8PM Disney Channel
We all know I am so tuning in to High School Musical 2 tonight. I have been waiting for this for so long I cannot believe it’s here finally. I will write something more about it later on, because you know there is so much to say about it.


MONK “Mr. Monk And The Buried Treasure” – 9PM USA
Mr. Monk is back and on another case. I just love this character, and I think what makes the show different from the rest is that we usually know who the killer is at the beginning of the episode, we just want to find out why. I think that’s fun.


PSYCH “Meat Is Murder, But Murder Is Also Murder” – 10PM USA
My favorite team, Shawn and Gus, as back. It seems that every week they get funnier and funnier.