Interview: LAUREN GOTTLIEB from “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 6

Lauren Gottlieb

I got to speak with Lauren Gottlieb who was eliminated from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Top 6.

Lauren has been trained in Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Tap. She classifies her style as a mix of Contemporary, Jazz Funk, and Hip Hop.

I got to talk to Lauren during her lunch break and she was as nice as ever. It was really fun to talk to her. She seemed very driven and I really liked that about her. I think we might see more of her in the future, so look out.

Moving on to the interview:

Daemon’s TV: Hi Lauren
Lauren Gottlieb: Hi.
D: How are you?
L: I’m good, how are you?

D: You have been in the bottom a few times, how do you prepare for the following week?
L: Actually after it was the third time with me in the bottom, it kind of made me a little bit stronger, you know, I wanted to fight so hard not to be in the bottom the next week. I think it made me keep going and it made me push for it.

D: I think this last week the judges were really happy with your performance, so maybe it was a good thing.
L: Yeah. No, it was great, it helped me move on, you know, you don’t have time to be sad about it and be down on yourself for being in the bottom, you’ve got to fight for it even harder the next time.

D: Did you think you would make it that far into the competition when you first auditioned?
L: I hoped for it and I just pushed so hard, I don’t know, everything goes so fast and you want to think that you’re doing your absolute best to stay in and stuff, so I don’t think I thought I would make it this far, but I certainly hoped for it the whole time.
D: Well it paid off, top 6.
L: (Laughs) Yeah!

D: Where do you get your inspirations for your solos?
L: I’m really picky with what I do and what I dance to, like what songs and stuff, so it has to be something that’s meaningful to me and some kind of storyline. I have to have something behind it, so I think pretty much each one of my solos I was fighting for something at that moment.

D: What were you fighting for on Thursday night?
L: It was “Heartbreaker,” and it was an eighties jazz and I don’t know, for some reason I really felt like I needed to do something up beat and kind of wild, and crazy, and stuff, so I think that’s where I got that.

D: The last few weeks you have been changing partners every week, how do you get chemistry with each partner?
L: It actually helps going through the whole competition because we got so close. So the very first week me and Neil were together the first couple of weeks, in part because we didn’t know anything about each other, but all of us, all twenty of us spent so much time together that by the time we got down to it and I had Danny or I had Pasha, we already knew so much about each other, so it was a little bit easier to click.

D: What has this experience brought you?
L: It made me a stronger person, because I feel like in life you don’t hear bad things being said about you and you don’t read about it. With the show you’re putting yourself out there on TV and for a lot of people to critic and say whatever they want about you. It kind of builds this new skin over you and you become a stronger person because you have to deal with all these new things that are happening in life.

D: Did you read a lot of negative feedback?
L: Yeah I mean you read both sides and you know not everyone’s gonna love you and not everyone’s gonna hate you, so you’ll read a good thing and then a bad thing and that’s how we’ve all been having to deal with it. A lot of people would go on the forum, but a lot of people tried really hard not to go on and see, so we definitely all looked at negative stuff and it makes your skin a lot thicker.

D: Do you have any plans for the future?
L: Not really I want to get into acting, I want to take some acting classes and start going in that direction. I want to be in movies and stuff like that so that’s where I’m gonna head towards but as of opportunities it’s kind of hard to say now because we still have the tour to go through, but I just hope that this experience will take me somewhere bigger and better.

D: You’re in an amazing shape, do you work out outside of your dancing?
L: Actually it’s funny because I used to be in great shape my whole life, and then the past couple of years, for some reason, I just kind of let go a little bit and I put on a little bit of weight, and then just the show along with the dancing, non-stop rehearsing, and stressing kind of helped. I don’t know, weight just started coming off and you could all of sudden see my abs again, but the funny thing about it is we eat so much when we’re here because it’s someone’s birthday around the area probably every other day and we have cake constantly coming in and out, and that’s kind of all we do is eat cake and crap and stuff, so for some reason I don’t know how we’re all losing weight.

D: How many hours a day do you usually practice dancing outside of the competition?
L: I don’t know, dance is life, we just love taking classes, and you gotta do that to get better and kind of go out of your style and stuff. I took maybe three-four classes a day and then we sometimes have rehearsals if I’m doing a show or if I have a job that I’m working on but yeah, we try to keep as active as possible.

D: How does it feel to be famous all of a sudden?
L: It’s cool. Actually, I don’t think I see that part of it, because I’m so in the moment when we’re up on that stage, I don’t really see it as a TV show and how millions of people are watching right now. It doesn’t seem like that and I actually didn’t get the chance to watch all the shows because we only have so much time to choreograph our solos, so I would take that time at night sometimes to choreograph. I think when I go home and rest for a little bit and re-watch from the beginning, I’ll get to see the impact from each week. I don’t know, right now I haven’t really seen the whole famous side of it yet, so it’ll be exciting to see when I go home.

D: Who do you think is going to win?
L: I honestly it’s gonna be one of the four (laughs). Something tells me it’s gonna be one of the four of them, I don’t know though.
D: Any guess on which one?
L: Any guess? I don’t know, who do you think?
D: Who do I think? I don’t know that’s why I’m asking you (laughs).
L: I don’t know it’s such a hard decision. It’ll be interesting, I cannot wait to see, just because everyone is so amazing and you kind of can’t pinpoint it to one person, so it’ll be interesting.

D: I hear you’re rehearsing right now, are you rehearsing for Thursday night?
L: Yeah, all the top twenties are in the show on Thursday, they’re coming back and bringing back some of the judges favorites and group routines, and even doing some of the favorites of our couple dances and stuff. So we get the chance to dance again in the finals.
D: Very cool, I’m excited.
L: I know, I’m excited.

D: So you just got out but you don’t even have a break from the show.
L: No, most everyone has a week or two or three off, but Pasha and I had to go straight to the finale week, so no breaks.
D: Is that a good thing?
L: It’s a great thing, I think it would have been weird if I was gone for a week, I’d be missing it too much.

D: If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?
L: I’d probably be in NASA. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and always dreamed about and I still think that one day I’ll get the chance to go back to school and pursue it. There’s so much out there and I have to go explore it, I have to go find something out there.

D: I wish you good luck with the tour and acting and everything else in your life. And thank you so much for speaking with us.
L: Thank you so much.