Interview: PASHA KOVALEV from “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 6

Pasha Kovalev

I got to speak with Pasha Kovalev who was eliminated from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

Pasha started dancing when he was eight years old. He was formally trained in ballet and jazz. He classifies his dance style as Ballroom, Latin.

The feeling I got after speaking with Pasha is that he really loves what he does and I don’t think he entered the competition in order to win or be on Television, I just think he saw this as an opportunity to enhance his dancing and share his love with people. He seemed like a nice, smart, and fun person to be around. I wish him luck for his future.

Moving on to the interview:

Daemon’s TV: Hi Pasha, how are you?
Pasha Kovalev: I’m good, how are you.
D: I’m good. Congratulations on getting this far into the competition.
P: Thank you.

D: Did you think you would get that far into the competition?
P: No, I don’t think I was focusing or planning on getting anywhere. My main thought was just to take the dance, make it my own, perform the best I can, and hopefully people will like it, and the judges will put you through, and move on from there, just like little step, each week one little tiny step. Of course we all want to win, but it’s about dancing to me after all and I think it worked out for me.

D: Do you have any plans for the future?
P: Well, there’s the tour, the main thing which is already booked and it’s gonna happen soon. After that I’ll probably go back to my own dancing, ballroom dancing, with my partner Anya. Do more shows and try to be more business oriented about dancing you know.

D: Where so you get your inspirations for your solos?
P: It’s basically, (Laughs) if you notice I kind of used partners for my solos. If it was a cape it’s still my partner, mannequin with a dress it’s my partner, even the suspenders I had it’s kind of my partner for that solo. It’s just for ballroom people it’s hard to dance on their own just because we are so used to present our partner, that’s the main thing because if your partner looks good, you will look good. So we focus mostly on their part dancing, so that was kind of challenging. I was looking in some ways to fake it or kind of create a feeling that I still have a partner dancing with me.
D: I think it worked.
P: Thank you.

D: What has this experience brought you?
P: This experience taught me a lot of things about myself, about how to overcome difficulties, physical or emotional, and extended my horizon. It helped me realize that I can do more than I thought before, and it’s definitely brought my ballroom dancing in a way that I can use now all this experience to put into new ideas for shows and for new dances and stuff like that.

D: How many hours a day do you practice?
P: For the show it was crazy because we have three days to get ready for the next taping and, at the beginning it was a little bit easier because it was only one dance but then starting with top ten we had two dances, and then three dances, so any time you can get, you would get it in practice. It was different everyday, but you start in the morning and then you have a few hours of dancing, and then you break to get some food and maybe take a quick tiny nap and back to the studio practicing. It was non-stop from eight in the morning to twelve at night.

D: What are you going to miss the most?
P: Well the competition will over anyway this week so (laughs). What I’m gonna miss is the intensity of training because that was the most intense training I ever got in my life because you’re trying to get as good as you possibly can in a short period of time so you discard everything else and you’re kind of in a little bubble with your partner, trying to get this dance going and it keeps you busy all the time and you’re not thinking about anything else just the dance and just the stuff in front of you. Where in real life (laughs) outside of reality TV show, you have other things to take care of, you have to work, you have to practice, you have to do other stuff. During the show you just focus on one thing, so I think I would miss that the most.

D: How does it feel to be famous all of a sudden?
P: I don’t know I didn’t really experience it yet, because we’re kind of isolated here on the show, you’re going in the morning from the place where we live to the studio and then come back and then go again, so you don’t really see much of that world. Just few glimpses of it, which I had, were kind of shocking, not in a bad way, just friendly because people recognize you and everybody knows your name, and you’re just crossing the street and somebody in a car starts honking and saying “Pasha, I love you on the show, you’re a great dancer,” “Thank you very much”, and then like suddenly you’re the center of attention even at a crossroad of a street. It’s just different, I’m not used to that and I think this thing is short lived because once the show is over and then two more month and people will move on to the next thing in their live and they will forget who was in the top six on this season of “So You Think You Can Dance.” But the greatest thing to me is that I think in this short period of time I had a chance to reach out to people and move them or bring some emotion to their heart and that’s what will stay with them forever and that’s one the things I’m happy about. They’re not gonna remember my name but they’ll remember that feeling, they will carry it with them for a long time, I’m happy with that.

D: Thank you so much for talking with us and good luck with everything in your life.
P: Thank you so much.