On Tonight, Sunday 8/12: THE 4400, THE KILL POINT, and more…

Daemon's Choice

Side Order Of Life

SIDE ORDER OF LIFE “The Early Bird Catches The Word” – 8pm Lifetime
The more I watch this show, the more I like it. I just think it’s so sweet and Jason Priestley is great. You just want Jenny to get back together with his character, Ian. Something tells me it’s not going to happen right away though.

The Company

THE COMPANY “Night 2” – 8pm TNT
I watched the first episode and although I admit that it’s a good show, with a good story and good acting, it’s just not the type of show that gets me excited. But my friend Eric totally loves it. So if you like spy/suspense/thriller shows, then you should definitely watch The Company. I’ll keep watching it because it’s a mini-series and I am happy to see Chris O’Donnell on TV.

The 4400

THE 4400 “Daddy’s Little Girl” – 9pm USA
Tonight is the famous return of one of my favorite characters on The 4400, Richard. I have known about his return since Comic Con, and if you’re interesting in learning about more surprises coming up, you can read my report of The 4400 Panel. Needless to say I am super excited for tonight’s episode.

State Of Mind

STATE OF MIND “Helpy Helperpants” – 9pm Lifetime
I decided to give up the show. To be honest it just never grabbed my attention and the last two weeks, I haven’t really been paying attention to what has happened. The show has good acting though. I don’t know why, I never found the story compelling.

The Kill Point

THE KILL POINT “Visiting Hours” – 9pm Spike
My friend told me this show was good and he was right. John Leguizamo is and always has been a great actor, him and Donnie Wahlberg are absolutely amazing in the show and it’s also one of the reason I really like it. And for those Army Wives fans out there, you might recognize the man that plays Rabbit, Jeremy Davidson, in The Kill Point, as Chase Moran, Pamela’s husband on Army Wives.

John From Cincinnati

JOHN FROM CINCINNATI “His Visit: Day Nine” – 9pm HBO
Still behind on John From Cincinnati, but I will watch it, trust me. I have enjoyed it this far, sometimes it just takes me longer to watch certain shows.


ENTOURAGE “The Young And The Stoned” – 10pm HBO
The boys are back. What crazy stuff will they do now? I have to say, they are growing on me.