On Tonight, Friday 8/10: FLASH GORDON, MEERKAT MANOR, and more…

Daemon's TV Choice

Meerkat Manor

MEERKAT MANOR “On Dangerous Ground” – 8:30PM Animal Planet
How cute are meerkats? I admit that I only watched one episode of Meerkat Manor, mostly because I just forgot to record the rest, but I just think they are adorable. If you too like Meerkats, you should definitely tune in.


MONK “Mr. Monk And The Birds And The Bees” – 9PM USA
Mr. Monk is back for another crazy adventure. I am always impressed at how good Tony Shalhoub is, he just has that character down. I just couldn’t imagine anybody else playing that part.

Flash Gordon

FLASH GORDON “Pilot” – 9PM Sci-Fi
Flash Gordon starts tonight. I haven’t seen much about it and never watched the old version, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I’ll watch the pilot and see how I feel about it.
Check out a clip from Flash Gordon below.


PSYCH “And Down The Stretch Comes Murder” – 10PM USA
My favorite team is back on TV tonight. Shawn and Gus are on a new case, and it’s bound to be another another night of fun.