Evangeline Lilly should have been nominated for an Emmy

Evangeline Lilly

I know the Emmy Nominations have been announced for a while, but this has been bugging me ever since, so I decided to write a post about it. People have let out their disappointment that Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler weren’t nominated as well as Friday Night Lights, and although I think they really deserved a nomination too, I personally was even more surprised that Evangeline Lilly wasn’t nominated. As I was watching Lost this season, I couldn’t help but think this was Evangeline Lilly‘s year. Throughout the seasons, Evangeline Lilly has grown in the part of Kate and I always thought she was a really good actress, but I have to say this season she was absolutely phenomenal. She took her acting to a whole new level and I could not take my eyes off her.

One of the first scene that started her growth as an actress is a scene in Episode 4 of Season 3 entitled “Every Man For Himself.” This is when Kat screams out that she loves Sawyer in order to save him from Pickett who is savagely beating him. Check out the video below and tell me she is not amazing.

From then, it just kept getting better and better. I think the episode that touched me the most and proved Evangeline Lilly deserved an Emmy Nomination, was Episode 6 of Season 3 entitled “I Do.” If you remember, this was the last episode shown before they took a break during season 3, it also had the best cliffhanger ever. I put the two clips from the episode that I think show just how talented Evangeline Lilly is below after the jump.

In this first clip, Kate is brought to Jack to try and convince him to do the operation on Ben. They have threaten to kill Sawyer if Jack doesn’t go through with the operation, but Jack doesn’t know that yet.
As a side not, Matthew Fox is brilliant in this scene too, which helps makes the scene what it is, but for now I’m going to focus on Evangeline Lilly.
When Kate first sees Jack in the scene, you can feel every single emotion going through her. As they start talking you can feel she is trying to hold it together and not break down. She hits just every single moment in the scene to perfection. There is this whole meaning that she put behind the word “cage”, especially when she mentions that Sawyer “is in a cage too,” that encompasses everything they went through. She has a meaning to what being in a cage means. Then the break down just flows from everything she is holding in.
Evangeline Lilly has prepared herself beautifully for this scene and knows what it all means to her character as well as how she feels about all of it. Watch the scene and see if you agree.

This second scene in the same episode is actually the last 5 minutes of the episode.
Pickett goes to get Sawyer from the cage and finds Kate and Sawyer in the same cage. Just to set up the scene, this is after Kate and Sawyer had sex or to put in nicely, made love.
Obviously Kate feels very strongly about Sawyer and as Pickett puts his gun to Sawyer’s head, you see a flow of emotions going through Kate from panic to pain, it’s amazing. I am on the edge of my seat and feeling everything she feels every time I watch this scene. I mean, the panic when she screams “No, no, no” realizing Sawyer is going to get killed is so true to how someone would react. I absolutely love her performance. After seeing that she became a role model for me. Check out the scene for yourself.

Final Thoughts: Lost is such an awesome show and I think having such great actors who grow more and more each season, just helps in making it what it is today.
As for Evangeline Lilly, I repeat it, she should have been nominated for an Emmy this year, I think this season was some of her best work on Lost. I hope she keeps it up and gets the recognition she deserves next year.