On Tonight, Tuesday 8/7: LA INK, EUREKA, and more…

Daemon's Choice

On The Lot

One director eliminated tonight, four left who will screen their new films. I like the show, but it’s just dragging along. I’ll watch it until the end because I want to see who wins but I’m not sure I would watch another season (although I very much doubt there will be another season).


EUREKA “Duck, Duck Goose” – 9pm Sci-Fi
My feel-good show. I can watch this show right away because it’s just so nice to watch it and it relaxes me. Plus did I mention how much I like supernatural shows? I just wish Carter and Allison would get together already.


DAMAGES “And My Paralyzing Fear Of Death” – 10pm FX
I haven’t had a chance to watch Damages yet, and I think part of the reason is because I know it’s pretty heavy material so I need to get myself in the right mood for it. I’m sure it’s a really good show though and the preview looks awesome. I will let you know as soon as I’ve seen the first episode.

LA Ink

LA INK “Welcome Home Kat” – 10pm TLC
Remember Kat von D who was fired by Ami on Miami Ink? Well, she’s opening a new shop in LA with a new crew. Since I recently started watching Miami Ink, I had not seen Kat when she was on the show, but since I really like Miami Ink, I will be tuning in to LA Ink tonight and check it out. My friend also told me that Kat was really good when she was on Miami Ink, so another reason to watch it.