BIONIC WOMAN – Comic Con 2007 Panel Report

Bionic Woman Comic Con 2007 Panel
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The BIONIC WOMAN Panel at Comic Con, was the first one on Saturday morning. The actual panel started at 10am. We go in line at 7am and there was already about 400 people before us. Most people at this point came early in order to get good seats for the Heroes panel which took place in the same room a few hours later at 12:45pm (we actually talk about this in the first episode of our podcast, yes we’ve finally done one which I will be posting at the latest tomorrow).

I will also be posting an audio of the panel, sorry no video for this one.

Before the panel started, we got to watch the pilot of Bionic Woman. Although this was not the final version of the pilot (they changed the actress who played the sister originally, but I guess they hadn’t shot the new scenes yet), I thought it was a really cool pilot. It definitely makes me want to tune in. One of the few new shows I am actually excited about (the other ones include Pushing Daisies and The Sarah Connor Chronicles) this Fall. I thought Michelle Ryan was so good and I have a soft spot for her now. Katee Sackhoff (or as we better know her, Starbuck) is an awesome villain as the first Bionic Woman. It definitely had the Daemon’s TV seal of approval.

After the pilot, the panel came out which included:

Glen Morgan (Executive Producer)
David Eick (Executive Producer)
Mark Sheppard (Anthony Anthros)
Katee Sackhoff (Sarah Corvis)
Michelle Ryan (Jamie Sommers)

The first question was about why they remade Bionic Woman and not Six Million Dollar Man. Apparently, Universal has the rights to the Six Million Dollar Man and want to make it into a movie, which at that point might be starring Jim Carrey, but nothing official though.

Are there any tease for the first season?
Jokes were made about how she will run fast, really fast. And she will jump high, incredibly high.

Michelle Ryan, who is actually British, said that she feels fortunate to have the job. I know I would. They actually flew her over here to audition her. It must sting for American actors.

Katee Sackhoff explained how it’s fun to play a bad girl and that you don’t need therapy anymore because you get to beat people up.

Talking about the fight scene in the pilot between her and Michelle Ryan, Katee Sackhoff jokes about how she complained and was texting her manager “I hate rain towers”, but Michelle Ryan did not complain at all during the shoot.

Bionic Woman Comic Con 2007 Panel
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Q&A from the audience:

Someone asked what role women play behind the scenes because there were only men at the panel.
Answer: “All you see is guys up here who all answer to women.”

Someone asks about the format of the show?
It will be a self contained series. Each episode will have a self contained arc within the episode, but then those episodes will feed into a larger framework which will represent the mythology for the series throughout the season.
People that tune in will be able to comprehend the episode they tune into without having watched the previous episodes. I think it’s a smart move because you please two types of audiences, the ones that will tune in every week and the ones that tune in once in a while.

Why keep the name Jaimie Sommers?
They had the rights for it and it actually meant something to the people who knew the old show. And for the new people, the name is just cool.

The version of the pilot shown is not the one that will air on TV. What are the differences?
They first say that nothing is different about the pilot, but then say that they recast the role of the sister. The audience lets out a cry of disappointment. They joke:”The girls that work over us made us do that.” The scenes that include the sister will be reshot.

Someone asks a stupid question about why the government would choose a bartender for their experiment.
My answer: Did you even watch the pilot? They don’t pick her, it wasn’t planned. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the pilot.

That’s all I have for you guys. I will be putting up the audio for the panel in the next few days, keep an eye out.

Bionic Woman will begin on September 26th, Wednesday at 9pm

Bionic Woman Comic Con 2007 Panel
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