THE 4400 – Comic Con 2007 Panel Report

The 4400 Comic Con 2007 Panel
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Here it is, my long awaited recap of THE 4400 Panel at Comic Con 2007.

I actually got there pretty early and got to be close to the stage. It’s just nice to be able to actually see everything that is going on with the panel.

Moving on to the panel:

First, the moderator introduced the panel:

Craig Sweeny (Writer and Producer)
Jeffrey Combs (Kevin Burkhoff)
Jenni Baird (Meghan Doyle)
Ira Behr (Executive Producer)
Conchita Campbell (Maia Rutledge)
Megalyn Echikunwoke (Isabelle Tyler)

First they started talking about Promicin and the big campaign that came out of it with the famous tagline “Would you take the shot?”

The moderator asks Jeffrey Combs if he would take the shot, he says “I already did.” During this season his character, Kevin, is working on improving the odds of taking the promicin shot. They actually showed a clip about it, but more about that later.

Jenni Baird asks the audience who would take the shot, not that many people raised their hands (I didn’t, 50/50 chance is just not good enough). She said that she would probably take the shot and that if she had an ability she would like to be able to read people’s minds (not sure if I would like that).

(Spoiler) Ira Behr told the people that didn’t raise their hand when asked if they would take promicin: “I just want you to know, by the end of season four it may not matter whether you raised your hand or not.” Everybody went “oohh!!!” (including me). It sounds like a war is about to begin…

Conchita Campbell said she wouldn’t take the shot. She doesn’t want to die. She’s too young (laughs).

Megalyn Echikunwoke would take the shot.

More after the jump.

After that, they showed a clip from last Sunday’s episode “Till We Have Built Jerusalem” (which was actually airing the night of the panel).

The moderator asks the actors if there is a difference when acting in Sci-Fi. The actors explain that there is no difference as far as the technique used to act in a Sci-Fi show. The only difference is that they get to do crazier stuff.

They showed another clip from next week’s episode “No Exit.” I don’t really remember exactly what it showed, but I know it was nothing too exciting. I put the preview for “No Exit” below, it about sums up what they showed us.

Then they explained how the writers are not that far ahead of the actors, and they try to give the actors a heads up if a tough scene is coming up for them.

The moderator asks the actors if they have been surprised by anything with their character. I actually have a clip for that :d .

Jenni Baird said that yes, but she couldn’t say what.

Conchita said that it was something that is happening in an upcoming episode but she can’t say what.

They set up new clips, one where an “old friend is coming back” and another one where Tess (played by Summer Glau) is having a schizophrenic episode and Kevin (played by Jeffrey Combs) tries to reason with her. This is probably the best clip they showed during the panel, it got me really excited for the show.

Spoilers from the clip:

    Richard Tyler (Isabelle Tyler’s father) is back and stronger than ever with his power (remember he moves things with his mind). Everybody cheers when they see him in the clip, me included. – I was wondering where he was!!!! He is one of my favorites and I am so glad he is back.
    Tess has a schizophrenic episode where she thinks it’s her 16th birthday party and it seems like she is controlling people to stay around at a Diner. Kevin tries to snap her out of it. Unfortunately for him, Tess gets angry and forces him (with her mind) to put his hand on the grill behind him. – Wow, that was hardcore. Cannot wait to see the episode.

Back to the panel:

Jeffrey Combs jokes that his hand is fine.

Another clip – This is the one where we Kevin’s research to make the odds of taking promicin better.

    Spoiler – Kevin tells Shawn that he has discovered that there is a part of the brain that is bigger in left handed people (which makes them more likely to survive the promicin shot), and that if he could scan people’s brain, he would be able to know who would survive the shot. – Interesting concept. Too bad I’m right-handed.

More spoilers:

    They also showed a clip (I can’t remember which one) where we see that someone else is back in the show: Lily Moore Tyler (played by Laura Allen). Yes, Isabelle’s mom, who died, is back as her young self again. It wasn’t clear if this was a vision or something like that. No matter what it is, I am SO happy she is back. I have always been sad that they killed off Lily because her and Richard were my favorite storyline.
    Danny (played by Kaj-Erik Eriksen), Shawn’s brother, has shot of promicin that he hasn’t taken yet, which apparently will come into play. In Ira Behr’s words: “…that’s going to play out, and by the end of the season the playing field will change quite a bit. There will be dead bodies scattered from here to Tierra Del Fuego…” – Holy Crap I am excited!

Fun Fact:

    Promicin being green is related to “Re-Animator” starring Jeffrey Combs.

That’s about all that was related to The 4400. Hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions feel free to email me.

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