THE NINE returns tonight

The Nine

The final six episodes of the cancelled show THE NINE will start airing tonight on ABC at 10pm.

Even though, it wasn’t my favorite show to watch, I quite enjoyed each episode. I know there will be no resolution to the storyline, but I still plan on tuning in, just to get to see the rest of what was shot.

But seriously, I never thought we were going to see the end of this show. The mere fact that the hold-up lasted 52 hours was already a hint that no end was in view. Even if we got to see an hour of the hold-up each episode, it would have required 52 episodes to finish the story. To make matters worse, they only showed us a few minutes every episodes. This time I actually blame the creators of the show as well as ABC for the non-conclusion they leave us with. At least Reunion only needed 20 episodes to wrap it up.