Interview: KAMERON BINK from “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 10

Kameron Bink

And here it is, the interview of mister Kameron Bink who was eliminated last Thursday on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

Kameron Bink has been trained in many different styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Hip Hop and Contemporary. He categorizes his dance style as Hip/hop and Contemporary.

What could I say about Kameron except that he was fun to talk to. He was in a really good mood when I talked to him (which he attributed to Jaimie) even though he had been eliminated the night before. I felt very comfortable talking to him, and he was lots of fun and super nice. I wish we had seen more of his personality on the show, because I don’t feel this side of him came out as much. I had such a good vibe from him that after talking to him, I know that I’m going to miss him even more from the show.

Moving on to the interview:

Daemon’s TV: Hello Kameron. How are you?
Kameron Bink: I’m doing good, how are you?
D: I’m good. You know you guys are the happiest people to get eliminated that I interviewed.
K: Actually I’m feeding off her [Jaimie] energy, it’s so great. I woke up this morning and she really put me in a good mood.

D: How does it feel to dance a solo when you know it’s not going to change the outcome?
K: Well, I mean I was never put in that position before, so to me I was kind of surprised to be honest and I really didn’t come prepared. I mean it’s kind of selfish, but I really wasn’t prepared to do my solo at all, and then when I found out I was doing it, I was like “crap.” So it was definitely kind of nerve wracking, but it was fun though. I just went out there, enjoyed myself. It’s all you can do.

D: So did you come up with the routine as you were doing it?
K: No, no, I mean I had prepared the choreography but I never, I didn’t rehearse it that much during the day. I wasn’t warmed up at all. I just went out there and just wing it, winged it? wang it? I don’t know… (laughs) I wang it! (laughs) Sorry.

D: Is it because you made it to the top ten that you are so happy?
K: Honestly, we’re only going to be away from the show for like a week and a half and then we’re all gonna get really tired of each other for the next three or four months. Actually, you know what, I won’t get tired of Jaimie, but I’ll probably get tired of a lot of people.

D: What has this experience brought you?
K: The whole experience has brought me new confidence and happiness about where my career is going and I think it’s definitely gonna open up a lot of new opportunities. I’m really looking forward to finding out what those opportunities are and really just kind of pursuing whatever comes my way. Hopefully I still get to keep dancing because for the past two years I hadn’t really been dancing that much, so after dancing so much being on the show, I really don’t want to drop out now.

D: What are you hoping for the future?
K: As far as opportunities?
D: Yes.
K: I don’t know, whatever is there. I mean, I just want to keep dancing that’s the most important thing, and whether it’s auditioning and dancing for artists or teaching, as long as I’m out there doing something and as long as it’s dancing and doing whatever I have to do, I’ll be happy.

D: If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?
K: If I wasn’t a dancer what would I be?…Well, I’ll tell you what I’d be doing, I’d be sitting in a classroom right now stressing about a paper I’d probably be writing about. So I think this is a much better choice. I’m not really sure, I mean I was going to school before for sports medicine and the last season watching the show, I got really inspired to try out. You know I was walking around campus and I was like there is so much more I want to be doing than sitting in a classroom. So I decided to start training again, and when I actually got out of a relationship that I was in, I started dancing again and I’m really glad because it brought me here.

D: Did you expect to get that far into the competition?
K: Honestly, when I saw how much talent was in Atlanta I wasn’t even sure if I would make it to Vegas. And then when I got to Vegas and saw the talent that was there in Vegas, I had no idea I would make it this far, even to the top 20. Making it to the top ten is an even more dream come true. I’m really pleased how far I’ve come. I feel like I’ve grown a lot doing the show so I can’t be anything other than happy.

D: Who do you think is going to win “So You Think You Can Dance”?
K: I don’t know, I mean honestly it’s really anybody’s game at this point and you know, America’s funny, you can have one bad week and America will side with the judges at some point and sometimes they won’t so you never really know what America wants and is looking for in their favorite dancers so I think it’s anybody’s game at this point. I will say that the girls in general are really killing it this year.

D: You danced with Sabra for the first time last night, how did you prepare for the routine?
K: Friday night we went over our choreography. You know the first Friday night we didn’t get all the choreography so we mainly worked on the emotion, the actual essence of the dance and then Saturday night, once the choreography was finished, we just ran the dance over and over and we rented studio space to have full space to do it, and we really prepared for the dance. Tyce was really excited for us to do it.

D: What would like your fans to tell you when they see you on the street?
K: I mean they’ve already been great, Jaimie was talking about an email that she got and it’s really cool. Well, they really told us not to go on myspace and talk to fans and stuff like that, but to me that was really cool to get just literally hundreds of email a day and I try to read them as much as possible, and just hear how much we inspire other people to either start dancing or people who are thinking of giving up dance, especially for guys because some people think that it’s not really cool for guys to dance and just to be a part of inspiring a male dancer to keep going and that’s it’s cool, it’s ok to dance, it’s really cool to be part of that. And Just to go around and to meet all the people that voted and watched the show and enjoyed watching what we love to do, it’s really cool.

D: So you do check your myspace account?
K: Yes.

D: Thank you so much for speaking with us.
K: You’re very welcome.