Interview: JAIMIE GOODWIN from “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 10

Jaimie Goodwin

Finally, here it is, my interview with Jaimie Goodwin who was eliminated last Thursday on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

Jaimie Goodwin has been trained in many different styles such as jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary and more.
One of Jaimie’s aspirations is is to write a book about her mother’s struggle with cancer and publish it in order to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.

It was a real pleasure for me to speak with Jaimie, who is one of the most beautiful dancers on the show. I was really impressed by her uplifting attitude, even though she had just been eliminated. She was one of the nicest people I got the pleasure to talk to. Her cheerfulness even rubbed off on Kameron with whom I also talked. Finally, I would like to say that what most impressed me about Jaimie is that she really is exactly like what we saw on TV. There is no act, it’s all real, she really is that sweet.

Moving on to the interview:

Daemon’s TV: Hello Jaimie.
Jaimie Goodwin: Hello Sandie.
D: How are you?
J: I’m good. How are you?
D: I’m good. Thanks for speaking with us.
J: Oh, no problem.

D: How does it feel to dance a solo when you know it’s not going to change the outcome?
J: It’s not as stressful to be honest with you, because I think that when you’re dancing for your life, you look a little desperate, like I did the last couple of weeks. (laughs) But no, last night I felt like there’s nothing more you can do, so it was a little relaxed, a little free, a little more fun. So, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it whether I was dancing for my life or not. I had a great time.
D: It looked like you did.
J: (Laughs) I hope so.

D: Do you have any regrets?
J: I don’t really have any regrets about the show. I went out there, I did my best with what I was given. There were my partners, that I absolutely love, both of them, Dominic and Hok. I really don’t regret anything, and I had a wonderful experience lasting until last night. It was a total dream just to be on the show. And it was my personal goal to be in the top 10 so I can go on the tour, because that’s really what inspired me to audition in the first place. I feel like I have accomplished everything I need.

D: How was it to dance with someone new for the first time? What did you do to get comfortable with each other?
J: Well, I think Dominic is a really easy person to be comfortable around (laughs) because he’s just so much fun and he’s just awesome, so I was already pretty comfortable with him. I was stoked when I found out he was my partner. And honestly what happened, what worked so well for him and Sabra was that they’re both really hard workers and they put a lot of research into it, and that’s exactly what I love about Dominic. We rehearsed all the time, we were rehearsing in the garage, we were rehearsing back stage, we were rehearsing all the time, just trying to find some comfortable place. We just tried to perform it as best as possible, and it was kind of funny I guess when we did. (laughs) It’s totally Dominic’s personality to be that character and I was just trying to keep up with him. I kept opening my mouth, so… (laughs) But no, we really went on YouTube and watched all the Viennese Waltz, and we watched Pasa Dobles and stuff because it was more of a Pasa Dobles feel. I don’t know, it was cool working with him.

D: Which judge gave you the best feedback?
J: Wow, that’s a hard one. Honestly, I think I was most honored by what Nigel said to me on a Thursday show. The second time I was in the bottom three. He asked me who I was taught by and then he said that dancing teachers should use me as a model as far as technique and stuff like that, so I was most honored by what Nigel said to me because I just think that it’s a big honor to have him tell you that you are a model. That was important for me especially since my teacher was in the audience so I can point her out and be really proud of her.
D: I’m sure she’s proud of you, making it in the top ten.
J: She’s like my mom, so she’s been kind of guiding me through the whole thing and keeping me calm and keeping my head on straight. I appreciate her a lot.

D: Is there something you’re going to miss about the show?
J: Not the early call time, I won’t miss that (laughs). I’ll probably miss the people the most, but it really was for me all about being around amazing people and dancing on that stage because most dancers don’t get the opportunity to dance on TV like that. That’s just a once in a lifetime thing and if you can be part of ten dancers dancing on that stage then it’s a great privilege. That’s what I’ll miss, dancing with all those people.

D: But you will see them again during the tour. Are you going to prepare for the tour? What are your plans?
J: I feel like just being here I’ve been learning a lot of new things, but as far as my body, it’s been tough going through without taking classes and just performing constantly and not really warming up but putting hair and make up for about four hours before the show (laughs). So definitely before the tour I wanna go back and train for a little bit. And I’m gonna take a lot of technique classes, I might even do some ballroom and latin stuff because now that I’ve started I want to continue and make myself more versatile.

D: I know this is a hard questions, but who do you think is going to win “So You Think You Can Dance”?
J: You know what I couldn’t even say really just because every week has surprised me about who’s been going home. I think that everyone that’s left there has amazing strength and they’re all really different, and I think now it’s just a matter of what America loves, and the majority of the viewers what they’re looking for. I really cannot even make a call on that one.

D: Do you have maybe a guess on the top four?
J: That’s so hard, even top four to be honest with you. I mean I thought Shauna would still be there right now. I didn’t really think Hok would go home before top ten. So really, I think that even if I make a call on that I would be completely wrong.

D: What advice would you give to someone who would like to try out for “So You Think You Can Dance”?
J: Go take as many classes in as many things as possible, stuff like Hustle and Krumping and things you would never usually take a class for. It would all help for the show, every little bit would help. I just feel like as much training as you possibly can and in as many different areas because if you have that background you can relate it to anything they throw at you. That’s pretty much what I would tell them. And also keep your head on straight. Because this is an intense and grueling process, and not even so much physical as it is mental, and I think that if you don’t have your head on straight before you go do the show, it’s gonna be a big mess.

D: What would you like your fans to tell you when they see you on the street?
J: I think I’ve already got the best thing someone could ever tell me. I got an email from someone last night who said that her family fights all the time and they never have any family outing or family dinner or anything and that since the show came on, her whole family decided that I was their favorite dancer, so everyone sits down and watched the show so they can see me. So she wanted to write me to thank me for bringing her family together and I thought that was the sweetest thing. I was fine last night, I was super ok until I got to my phone and checked my email and just started bawling because things like that were why I wanted to be on the show.
D: Wow, that’s an amazing story.
J: I know that really touched me. So I was so satisfied last night. I think I’m the happiest person ever to get eliminated (laughs).
D: I know, you sound very happy.
J: Yeah I’m so excited. I feel like I was just born.

D: It was a pleasure to talk to you.
J: It was nice to talk to you too.