HOUSE – TCA Press Panel – Season Four News

House TCA 2007
Frank Micelotta ©2007 FOX BROADCASTING

At the HOUSE TCA Press Panel a few news about Season Four were revealed:

  • When the season starts, Cameron, Chase, and Foreman will be working somewhere else (don’t worry they’ll be back). Chase and Cameron are in Arizona and Foreman is doing diagnostic work at Mercy.
  • Forced by Cuddy, House needs to find replacements for Cameron, Chase, and Foreman. House sorts through 40 candidates (God only knows what type of traumatic experience these poor candidates will have to go through.)
  • Katie Jacobs (executive producer) mentioned something about a “makeout session” for Cuddy. It’s about time!!!
  • From what I can tell, House is coming back full force!!!! Oh Yeah!!!

    House TCA 2007
    Frank Micelotta ©2007FOX BROADCASTING

    (Source E! Online’s Jennifer Godwin and TV Guide’s Ausiello Report)