Glenn Morshower Daniella Alonso

Two new recurring additions to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS this second season:

Glenn Morshower (you might remember him as Aaron Pierce on 24) will be playing Chad Clarke, Landry Clarke’s (Jesse Plemons) father and local cop. Chad Clarke is also a former state champion Panther. I wonder if he is disappointed that his son, Landry, didn’t follow in his footsteps…
I really liked Glenn Morshower on 24, so I’m thinking having him in one of my favorite shows can only be a good thing.

Daniella Alonso (One Tree Hill) will play Carlotta, an in-home nurse who will help taking care of Matt Saracen’s (Zach Gilford) grandmother (who has Alzheimer’s). Could this mean trouble in paradise between Matt and Julie?
To be honest I wasn’t a big fan of Daniella Alonso when she was on One Tree Hill. Not sure how her addition in Friday Night Lights is going to work for me. We’ll see, I’ll try to keep an open mind.

Source The Hollywood Reporter