Rory Cochrane back on CSI: MIAMI

Rory Cochrane

According to TV Guide’s Ausiello Report, Rory Cochrane, whose character Tim Speedle had been killed off CSI:Miami, will be back on CSI: MIAMI. He will be appearing in multiple episodes this new season, first appearing in the second episode of the season.

No word on whether Rory Cochran will be back as Tim or as a new character yet.

First of all I would like to say that I was really upset when his character died on CSI: Miami because he was one of my favorites. Later on I stopped watching the show altogether (not only because he left, but because the show didn’t appeal to me as much). Now that they want to bring him back, I might have to tune in and check out the second episode of the season.

Second, I really hope they will bring him back as a new character because there is no way to explain the return of Tim, no way for him to have survived, except if they introduce him as a vision or hallucination (or something like that) OR they could bring him as Tim’s twin brother (as they do so well on Soap Operas), but seriously, that’s just going to far.

Stay tuned for more information as Fall gets closer.