On Tonight, Tuesday 7/24: DAMAGES, EUREKA, and more…

Daemon's Choice

On The Lot

On the Lot is getting close to the end. Two more contestants are going home tonight which leaves only 6 directors remaining. So far, my favorites are still in the competition, so we’ll see what happens tonight. Tonight, the remaining six will show their short romance film. That is bound to be interesting.


EUREKA “Unpredictable” – 9pm Sci-Fi
Yay, Eureka is back tonight. I think we all know how I feel about Eureka, my feel-good show. So far I am not disappointed in this second season.


Bill Engvall Show

THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW “Aloha, Raffles” – 9pm TBS
After watching the pilot last week, I have to say I am not convinced. I just don’t think this is my type of show, it didn’t appeal to me, but I can see why some people would like it. So for now, no more The Bill Engvall Show for me.


DAMAGES “Pilot Episode” – 10pm FX
The new original FX show, Damages, starts tonight. Glenn Close stars, do I need to say more? Okay here is what it’s about: Lawyers in New York City who work in the world of high-stake litigation.
I’ll tune in for Glenn Close and Rose Byrne (whom I’ve just seen in “Sunshine,” awesome movie) and because FX usually has some pretty hard-core shows. Love it!!!
Check out a sneak preview.

Damages Official Website

Miami Ink

MIAMI INK “Viva Las Vegas” – 10pm TLC
Ami and Nunez go to Las Vegas (which makes me think that I want to go…checking hotels right now…ok I’m back). Joe Capobianco is the new guest artist this week. When are they finally going to fill that spot?!!! Hopefully before the end of the season. I wonder who it’ll be.


  • THE SINGING BEE – 9:30pm NBC