On Tonight, Monday 7/23: KYLE XY, GREEK, and more…

Daemon's Choice

Kyle XY

KYLE XY “Free To Be You And Me” – 8pm ABC Family
Oh yeah, it’s Kyle XY night!! Will Kyle and Amanda finally get together? Here is my thought though, I think it would be awesome if Kyle eventually started liking Lori, I just think that personality wise they would fit better together. Actually I think that it might happen if the show lasts long enough.


HEARTLAND “Domino Effect” – 8pm TNT
I keep saying it, Heartland is an ok show, not my favorite but enjoyable to watch when I’m cooking for example. It’s always nice to see Treat Williams though. Note the different time slot. From now on Heartland will air at 8pm.


GREEK “The Rusty Nail” – 9pm ABC Family
If you haven’t watched Greek yet, I strongly suggest for you to tune in. I didn’t think I was going to like it at all from the promo, but turns out I love it. It’s funny, sweet and exactly the type of show that puts a smile on your face. Don’t be fooled by the ABC Family typical shows ideas, they are stepping up their game and Greek is worth a shot.

Hell’s Kitchen

Fun reality show to watch, but I have to say, it’s starting to get a little boring to me every week. It’s a good thing it’s almost over. I do wonder who will win, because it doesn’t seem like Chef Ramsay likes any of the contestants.

The Closer

THE CLOSER “Dumb Luck” – 9pm TNT
I enjoy The Closer now and then. To be honest I love Kyra Sedgwick, but all these procedural dramas are just not my cup of tea, it’s ok to watch them once in a while, but not on a regular basis for me. So The Closer is a once in a while type of thing. Of course if my friend happens to be watching it while I’m around, I’ll sit down and watch it too.

Saving Grace

SAVING GRACE “Pilot” – 10pm TNT
TNT’s new original show, Saving Grace, starts tonight. I have been intrigued by this show for quite a while and I really hope it’s as good as I think it will be.
Saving Grace is about Grace Hanadarko, a police detective who takes self-destruction to new heights. After seeing tremendous tragedy, both professionally and personally, Grace reaches a turning point one night and meets a rough-hewn angel (Leon Rippy of Deadwood) with a similar past who wants to help lead her back to the right path.
Check out a Sneak Peak of Saving Grace.


  • AGE OF LOVE – 9pm NBC
  • BIG LOVE “Good Guys And Bad Guys” – 9pm HBO