On Tonight, Sunday 7/22: THE KILL POINT, THE 4400, and more…

Daemon's Choice

Side Order Of Life

SIDE ORDER OF LIFE “A Seperate Truth” – 8pm Lifetime
After watching the first episode, I am willing to keep watching Side Order of Life. It’s really sweet and I think it has great potential.
Tonight: Jenny volunteers to become a surrogate for Vivy after learning that stems cells from umbilical cords can treat some cancers. While on her first big writing assignment covering a celebrity couple and their new baby, Jenny uncovers a big secret. Ian’s frustration with Jenny grows.

The 4400

THE 4400 “The Marked” – 9pm USA
The 4400 gets more and more intriguing. I absolutely love it. When you think that this show was only supposed to be a mini-series, I think it turned out to be a great show.

State Of Mind

STATE OF MIND “Between Here And There” – 9pm Lifetime
Sunday is a great night for Lifetime, three of its best shows one after the other. I liked State of Mind better than Side Order of Life last week.
Tonight: Ann enlists her cheating husband, Phil, to act like they are still a couple so she won’t have to tell her visiting, meddlesome mother that their marriage has fallen apart. Ann also takes on a case involving a transgender teen.

The Kill Point

THE KILL POINT “Pilot Episode” – 9pm Spike
The Kill Point is an eight-hour event focusing on two men as they square off during a bank heist gone horribly wrong and the hostage negotiations that ensue.
John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg, it doesn’t get better than that. And if you are excited about this show, here is something extra to really make you tune in. My friend, who works on the show, told me that if The Kill Point does good, it might become a fully fleshed series. So make sure you tell all your friends to tune in.

John From Cincinnati

JOHN FROM CINCINNATI “His Visit: Day Six” – 9pm HBO
I am a little behind on watching the show, so there isn’t much for me to say, except that so far I don’t have any complaints about the show. Hopefully I can catch up on a few episodes this week-end. I wonder if we’ll ever find out where John really is from.

The Dead Zone

THE DEAD ZONE “Switch” – 10pm USA
I’ve been bad and haven’t watch The Dead Zone for so long I can’t even remember what the last episode was about. I do think it’s an enjoyable show, but I am afraid it’s hard for me to fit it in my schedule. So for now, no more The Dead Zone for me.


ENTOURAGE “The WeHo Ho” – 10pm HBO
So, I have been following Entourage, even though I didn’t plan on it. Now I kind of like the show, which means I will tune in tonight.

Army Wives

ARMY WIVES “Only The Lonely” – 10pm Lifetime
Every week, I get more into Army Wives. Who would have thought?
Tonight: Infatuated with Jeremy, Amanda is upset when her parents, Michael and Claudia Joy, tell her they want her to go on a family vacation to Montana. Frustrated, Amanda reaches out to Denise, Jeremy’s mother, for comfort. After 18 years off the work force, Denise decides to pursue nursing at the post hospital. While Chase is deployed, Pamela has an unexpected reunion with a friend from her past, Scott. Roxy befriends a recently widowed single mother, Delores, who cannot accept that she needs to leave the post as a result of her husband’s death.


  • BIG BROTHER 8 – 8pm CBS
  • FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS “Bowie” – 10:30pm HBO