Interview: HOK KONISHI from “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 12

Hok Konishi

Today I interviewed Hok Konishi who was eliminated last night on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.
Hok Konishi is of Japanese descent, but comes from England. He currently lives in Los Angeles California.

When I spoke to Hok, I really got the feeling that he was really bummed out that he had gotten eliminated the night before. I think it was still fresh in his mind and you could feel it throughout the interview. I really feel for him because I really wanted him to move forward in the competition. He had so much more to offer, and the way he moves is just so amazing.

Here is the interview:

Daemon’s TV: Hi Hok.
Hok Konishi: Hello.

D: How are you?
H: I’m doing alright.
D: Yeah?
H: Yeah, not too great.

D: Did you not expect to go home last night?
H: No, I was expecting it, but still it’s, you know, when it really comes down to it, it’s sad.
D: I didn’t expect you to go home either, I was rooting for you. You were one of my favorites so I’m really sad that I won’t get to see you dancing anymore.
H: Thank you.

D: Do you wish you had done something different with your solo routine?
H: Well, the day before I did that, I really hurt my back pretty bad, so I was just worried I wasn’t gonna be able to do anything. I think I could’ve done better with my solo, but I feel more like no matter what I did with my solo, the judges had made their decisions already, so it probably wouldn’t have changed all that much.

D: It does seem like the judges are harder on hip hop/b-boys dancers than they are on classically trained dancers. How do you deal with that?
H: I just think if you can do it, you don’t have to make up any excuses, so I just think it’s my bad that I wasn’t able to bring it up to that path.

D: Do you have any regrets?
H: Not really. I guess I’m very sad I can’t continue on, the road ends here, so yeah that’s about it I think.

D: What do you think this experience brought you?
H: Yeah, it’s leaning so much stuff. As a whole I learned something new every week and every day, it’s helped me grow as a dancer and as a human being. I think the biggest thing is that it really made me realize how much I love dancing. So yeah, all the things I had from the show are positive.

D: What are you going to miss the most about the show?
H: It’s definitely gonna be the whole process, you know, the living with all the contestants, going places. I mean it’s hard at times to do that. Having fun with everyone, I’m really gonna miss.

D: What advice would you give someone who would like to try out for “So You Think You Can Dance”?
H: I would just say don’t procrastinate, and you have to come with an open-mind. If you’re close-minded you’re really not gonna get anywhere, and yeah, just practice practice, practice.

D: How do you get chemistry with someone you just met?
H: Well that was a really hard thing because I’m really not used to dancing with a partner, but I think if you’re really professional about it, get closer as partners, eat your dinner after practice, and hanging out before the performance, just little stuff like that.

D: Is there a dance style that you wish you had gotten to perform with Jaimie?
H: Well, I think we did a lot of different stuff , so yeah I’m happy, but I would’ve liked it to try some new stuff for a couple more weeks.

D: If you could go back five years in the past and learn another dance, which one would it be?
H: I think most definitely I would be studying my main style, what I love doing. On top of that I think it would have been trying out different styles.

D: Do you think it would have made a difference for So You Think You Can Dance?
H: Possibly, you know, if I had done ballroom, latin, jazz, and contemporary from five years ago, I would have been better. But in reality that’s not possible, and if you take that away, what I would have been doing five years ago would have taken some things out of my life that I was doing, so I may have ended as a completely different person.
D: That’s a very good point.
H: (Laughs) Yeah, no I’m happy you know, how it turned out.

D: Do you have any plans for the future?
H: Well, I would love to be able to travel to different places and inspire people with my dancing show them what I love, that really is my dream.

D: I read that you also studied at Santa Monica College for Graphic Design, are you doing anything with that?
H: Actually, I finished school last December and I tried out for the show last year. I wasn’t sure if I should take art or my dancing professionally, both of them mean a lot to me and they both take a lot of time. But after last year, I really thought about it really hard and I thought dancing is something you can do while your body functions right, so I think for now I would pick dancing as my main focus, and I would always be doing art on the side. I can do art more professionally when I am older and I can’t do the tricks that I do right now.

D: Do you plan on staying in Los Angeles?
H: Yes, I would like to build my base in LA, even if I travel I always want to come back here. Yeah, my plan is to, oh, to do that I would need to get another visa cause the one I’m on right now expires in January, so hopefully the show will help me to apply for another visa.

D: If you could be on any other reality show, which one would it be?
H: Well, actually I haven’t had a TV since I came to America, which was almost three years ago. I actually don’t know anything in the TV world in America, which is pretty funny ’cause I was on a TV show.

D: How did you find out about “So You Think You Can Dance” then?
H: Well, the first time my friend Ryan, who was on Season One, randomly just grabbed me two days before I was gonna go back to Japan for good, and he said “let’s just try out for fun.” Actually he’s calling me on the other line I’ll call him back later. And that’s how I got to know about the show. And then last year I tried again just to expand my horizons, and this year I was able to give it my all.

D: Thank you Ryan then.
H: Yeah, definitely.

D: What would you like fans to tell you when they see you on the street?
H: Just honestly what they think I guess. I am just happy that people got to know me for who I am instead of acting out a part, that wouldn’t be me. At least people know me for who I am, and my dancing is my life, so whatever they feel and possibly something nice if that’s possible (laughs).

D: Well, thank you very much for talking with us and good luck with everything. I hope we see you on TV soon.
H: Thank you very much.

(Photo: Joe Viles/FOX ©2007 FOX BROADCASTING)