On Tonight, Friday 7/20: MONK, PSYCH, and more…

HARRY POTTER DAY!!!!….. Sorry, I just had to….

Daemon's TV Choice


MONK “Mr. Monk And The Rapper” – 9PM USA
Snoop Dogg guest stars tonight on Monk. That is an episode you don’t want to miss. How will Mr. Monk deal with the great Snoop Dogg?!!


STANDOFF “Severance” – 9PM FOX
I just watched last week’s episode of Standoff and it was the best episode of the show I have seen so far. If you only watch one episode of Standoff, last week’s episode “Kids in the Hall” should be it. The guest star is Aldis Hodge (remember Ray ‘Voodoo’ Tatom on Friday Night Lights?), who gives an amazing performance as a teenaged inmates at a juvenile detention center who overtake the jail and take guards hostage. I was so impressed. This week unfortunately is the series finale of Standoff. It was a good run, I just think that Standoff had some tough competition and just didn’t stand out enough. If you are interested in watching the top-ranked negotiators in the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) dealing with crisis, check out Standoff on MySpace and watch the entire series.


GREEK “Hazed and Confused” – 9pm ABC
If you missed Greek monday on ABC Family, here is your chance to watch it. I highly recommend this show. It is fun and has compelling characters that make you want to tune in every week. Plus I found my new Cliff Wiatt in this show, what more could I ask for?


PSYCH “Sixty Five Million Years Off” – 10PM USA
Oh yeah, the greatest team on TV is back! Shawn and Gus are just hilarious, how can you not love them?!! Another case tonight, but really, that’s not why we watch the show.


  • DOCTOR WHO “Gridlock” – 9pm Sci-Fi
  • PAINKILLER JANE “The Amazing Howie” – 10pm Sci-Fi