Washington joins BIONIC WOMAN

Isaiah Washington

It seems that after blaming everyone he could think of for his departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Isaiah Washington has found new employment in none other that the new NBC show, BIONIC WOMAN.

According to USA Today, Isaiah Washington has signed to appear in at least five episodes of Bionic Woman where he will play “an outsider with a mysterious agenda who is introduced early in the series and may either help the superpowered Jamie (Michelle Ryan, in the role first played by Lindsay Wagner) or take her down.”

More information should be announced by NBC today at the TCAs.

I usually don’t care about what actors do in their personal life, and it doesn’t affect me when I watch them on TV, but I have to say that Isaiah Washington’s case is different. Let me start by saying that before all the drama happened I was a big fan of Isaiah Washington (he is an amazing actor, you’ve got to give him that), but this whole thing has just made it hard for me to watch him in Grey’s Anatomy. That doesn’t mean that I won’t watch Bionic Woman, but I won’t be able to enjoy the parts he’s in as much.