On Tonight, Friday 7/13: MONK, PSYCH, and more…

Daemon's TV Choice


MONK “Mr. Monk And His Biggest Fan” – 9PM USA
He’s back! Mr. Monk is back! How exciting!



STANDOFF “The Kids In The Hall” – 9PM FOX
A new Standoff tonight, I am so behind, I better catch up before the season is over.



GREEK “Pilot Episode” – 9pm ABC
If you missed the premiere of Greek, now is your chance to see it again on ABC. I would highly recommend this, especially if you were surprised by the quality of ABC Family’s other original series, Kyle XY.


PSYCH “American Duos” – 10PM USA
I know I keep saying this but Psych is the funniest one-hour show on TV. I am so glad it’s back I was starting to get some Psych withdrawal syndromes.


  • DOCTOR WHO “The Shakespeare Code” – 9pm Sci-Fi
  • PAINKILLER JANE “The League” – 10pm Sci-Fi