Get some Free Pilots on iTunes

iTunes is offering some pretty good deals right now, and by good deals I mean FREE!!!

Here are some of the shows you can get the pilot for free on iTunes:


JERICHO “Pilot” – Here is another chance to jump on the Jericho-train. Get it on Jericho - Jericho, Season 1 - Pilot.

GREEK “Pilot” – Check out the new ABC Family show, which I highly recommend, if you haven’t had the chance yet. That’s how I saw the first episode and will now tune in on ABC Family. Get it on Greek - Greek, Season 1 - Pilot.

THREE MOONS OVER MILFORD “Pilot” – Even though this ABC Family show didn’t last long, you could always watch the pilot if you are curious. Get it on Three Moons Over Milford - Three Moons Over Milford, Season 1 - Pilot