ON THE LOT – 5 films shown, 10 contestants left

Ten contestants left and five showing their short films tonight on ON THE LOT.

One director eliminated tonight:

Shira-Lee Shalit

Shira-Lee Shalit was eliminated tonight (well really last week the day after the show). Even though I understand why she was eliminated, I really think she had more potential than other directors still on the show. Oh well, another director goes home that I wasn’t too emotionally involved with. So far my favorites have been sticking around, yay!


Next week two contestants will be eliminated. Finally they are moving things along. Things might get a little more exciting next week.

Moving on to the filmmakers that showed their films tonight. Here are my thoughts on the films presented and who my favorite directors are:

Zach Lipovsky

Time Upon A Once by Zach LipovskyNew neighbors move in, but it seems they do everything backward.
Zach my man! How can you not love this guy?! He comes up with the most original ideas. Someone please give him work!!! I want to see the movies he’s going to make. Tonight was another great film from Zach!
Watch Time Upon A Once.

Hilary Weisman Graham

The Legend of Donkey-Tail Willie by Hilary Weisman GrahamA fairy tale about a man not quite like everyone else.
It was ok. I found the look of the film very distracting and the story was ok. I don’t know why the judges were so excited about it. Yes, it was better than what she did before, but still not amazing.
Watch The Legend of Donkey-Tail Willie.

Will Bigham

Spaghetti by Will BighamA couple gets lost in a spaghetti movie.
Don’t you just love Will Bigham? He seems so nice and is so modest. This film was really funny. Did anybody recognize Travis Wester (who played the main guy) from “Eurotrip”? That guy is hilarious! Just having him in the film made it even better. I think this film was a success. Go Will!
Watch Spaghetti.

Shalini Kantayya

First Sight by Shalini KantayyaA superficial girl gets special sunglasses.
Did not like this one. I have to say, I am not a big fan of Shalini, and this film didn’t help. It wasn’t original and just boring. My least favorite of the night.
Watch First Sight.


Adam Stein

Worldly Possessions by Adam SteinA couple gets a package from the army.
Wow, Adam Stein did it again. Another great film from the guy that brought us “Dance Man”. This film was funny, original, and well shot. Watch out for Adam Stein!
Watch Worldly Possessions.


My favorite contestants tonight were:
Zach Lipovsky
Will Bigham
Adam Stein

My guess is that Shalini Kantayya and Hilary Weisman Graham will be going home next week.